Summer in Katwijk – Katwijkse Post 26 juli 2012

With winter on its way here in The Netherlands I’ve finally have some time to update my blog.

As I missed a lot to write about, I’ll start with a nice article in a local newspaper about the Surfkayaking club (KBT Katwijk) I’m a chairman of since summer of 2012.

Below is a rough translation (google translate) into english from the newspaper piece:

Summer in Katwijk

Editor Marieke Voorn grew up between the bulbs and flowers and has nothing with the beach and sea. In the series ” Sports on the beach ” they try out  a sport on the Katwijk beach every week. This week : Surf canoeing at the Canoe Surf Team Katwijk (KBT).

Container 18 was the meeting point , but at the beginning of this Sunday evening nobody is there. A girl is working on storing her surfboard two containers farther.
I ask her for the surf kayakers . She looks at me a little oddly. No, of surf kayakers she has not heard.

Five minutes later, Arend -Jan Tetteroo approached from the Beach Road. The newly chairman, he is three weeks in office, has the key and has access to all surf materials needed. When the container is opened , the canoes are neatly in a row. Blue, red, yellow , a happy place it is.The KBT currently has 55 members , though half dormant members , says Arend -Jan. On a busy Wednesday or Sunday evenings there are ten members in the water .

“We have no youth , it is an extreme sport and therefore difficult to supervise . We don’t hold any competitions , it’s actually all recreational social ” .

While Tetteroo ‘s explaining the situation, some KBT members approached. One of the members has brought his own canoe, the others pick up the boats
from the container. “So you going to do it ,” says Gerrit van Beelen laughing . “In what  boat? ‘ , asks Arie Remmelzwaal, putting on his helmet. “She goes on a
sit-up , “says the president . No idea what that is , but it sounds professional.

” A sit-up canoe is easier , which is on the water like a surfboard . If you capsize , then you fall immediately got off . In our canoes , the freestyle canoes , you’re stuck
and then you need to do an eskimoroll . “That last one does not sound severe, until they explain what happens: “Then you turn around and turn upside down in the water again
up . ”
On hearing this, the question strikes. When I thought of surf canoeing quietly about sea ​​canoeing to another place while the sun sinks into the sea . A little gurgle and chat . But now I’m here in a wetsuit , thermal shirt , anorak , life jacket and with a helmet on , I have a feeling that despite the sit-up this will not be  a quiet evening.

If the boat is at sea , Arend -Jan lays out what to do . “We go into the boat and then as we sit we push the boat with our hands into the sea . As a seal or turtle. Then you paddle and you sail through the surf. Keep the boat right and keep paddling each time when a wave is approaching. ”
It sounds simple, but in the first few waves I lie as much time next to my canoe. While the other canoeists are nicely going through the waves , I climb paddling the canoe again and stay . After ten minutes I feel my arms and act as to see how far I ‘ve been . That is disappointing. At least , I’m still exactly at the same place . Delicious that .

“When the wave comes , then you should get over it and the paddle by paddling , ” said Arend- Jan and Gerrit simultaneously . They are easy to say , I think. But five minutes later it worked. The lapping waves I behind left me . It is time to return , so we go on because the waves go towards the beach . Every time a good wave comes , three men shouting at me : ‘ paddle ! ”
I decide to follow the advice and get the idea that it is nice. All the others waves get better. This was fun . And after I am back in the water both cases on I climbed the canoe , paddling and turning is blown .
My arms begin to be heavy but it works perfectly again quickly to find out. branding “There is a good Mariek ” exclaims Gerrit , ‘ paddle ! ”
And there I go. The wave comes , I feel that my canoe is lifted and float towards the beach . What a rush ! After 25 minutes, to be flushed with salt water , I get
finally what do these men so much to the sport.

Men’s Sports
I turn my canoe to paddle , but the sea does not seem to want to work with my introduction to this sport . There are so many waves that I at each wave can only think ” this is very high,” after which the boat indeed flips . After eight times that have ended in the water , I find it frankly enough. In other words, I can not , my condition might be a whole small enough expect . ” You’re doing pretty good ,” says Gerrit , ” but we have two women at the club and that usually go with quieter back to sea. “He laughs again : “But the important thing is that you have perseverance and courage .”

If I ‘m washed up , Arend -Jan is so nice to take to the boat the pilot . I have enough of myself . “If you like it, you can again surf , “he says. Fun was definitely and I actually like this secretly still once to do . Because remember footballers , runners and cyclists should refrain for their sport , which is peanuts compared to surf canoeing. This was really a Sunday recreational refrain .

Original post on KBT website:

The scanned paper page:  zomer-in-katwijk-30

And some gopro shots:

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