Dutch Water Dreams

Wow I have been busy kayaking and other stuff since my last post in June. The dutch weather was not that great for sun and summer lovers, but was great for surfkayaking. Last month had some real nice waves which I fully enjoyed as much as possible. Some photos are available on the site of the Surfclub.

As it currently seems like real summer here in The Netherlands (a bit late as it’s the end of september now), the sea is as flat as the rest of the country. Time to finally fix my poloboat, play some matches at the local club and go to trainings.

But hey, if there is moving water with this nice weather, that’s even better.

Last Sunday the dutch canoe federation (NKB) organised another whitewater academy hour on the course of Dutch Water Dreams. A good opportunity to riverrun/play with my Fun and get some more experience with a small boat on pushy water. The last time on the Rur in this boat wasn’t much fun, and I needed some rolling last time on DWD, but paddling 2 to 3 times a week on the sea has paid off. I was a bit nervous at the start, but all went well and I stayed upright without problems this time.

Broke my paddle the second run while playing in a small wave. 🙁 Unfortunately I flipped and hit the bottom while trying to roll. So now my Spiderpaddle has some cracks halfway the right blade. It feels a bit wobbly but I continued the run, and even did a 3rd run down the course. As my poloboat needs some more epoxy I will try to patch up my paddle as well.

Some clubmembers had their first and third time at DWD and had fun. Next weekend I will give some training to them on Hohen Limburg, will be fun.


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