Winning the eskimo rolling competition

All competitors had polo kayaks, so i used my own DPP Dynamic. There were two disciplines, one rolling with paddle and one rolling without. All others started without the paddle, I had choosen to first roll with a paddle. The most rolls in 60 seconds would win.

After rolling 19 times in the first round with paddle and 18 times without paddle in the second round, I came out on top in the paddle caterory. Without paddle the fastest one did it 27 times, 10 times more than with his paddle. I believe I was the only one to roll faster with a paddle than without. That probably has to do with the order of with or without paddle for the first round.

Some interesting observations :

  • Roll to your favorite site, and if getting sick of rolling, just wait a bit instead of rolling the other way around.
  • If you start to fast, you get sick really fast or gasp for air while upside down, not a good move 😉
  • It’s really cool to see beginners that started without any rolling experience at the start of the winter season roll a good 5-10 times in 60 seconds after the season. Good for confidence!

The full results (in Dutch) are on the KanoRijnland blog and photos in this album.

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