Frontier World Tour premiere in The Hague

Yesterday the new whitewater film by Rush Sturges, Frontier, was played in the Filmhuis Den Haag, the first (and only?) showing in the Netherlands. Off course we wanted to be there as Dutch freestyle kayakker Casper van Kalmthout is in this one. Last year we also enjoyed Dream Result from Rush Sturges in a bar in The Hague, so we didn’t want to miss this one.

After winning two tickets, one through and one from Teva Netherlands (thanks for those tickets, really appreciated!), Ivette and I were set to watch the newest stunts these guys did in 2010. The film contains some really nice shot waterfall rides, but because of the overlighting you could not see the lines clearly. Might be related to the Filmhuis showing and not the quality of the DVD though.

If you want to watch a film you can learn from and get better at kayaking, don’t pick this one 😉 There is not one piece of whitewater in this movie for average boaters like myself. Want to be amazed at what some people do and the risks they take to ride the highest waterfalls and freestyle on the biggest waves, then this is your movie. Want to get inspiration to get on the water, and maybe if you are crazy enough, run the same stuff they do, then you want to watch it over and over again.

Enjoy the trailer if you haven’t seen the movie yet and check it out.

2 thoughts on “Frontier World Tour premiere in The Hague

  1. Leuk filmpje, de trailer van Frontier. Van de categorie waaraan Kano Rijnland niet meedoet lees ik net in het blauwe boekje. Maar dat was ik toch niet van plan, ik ben een vlakvaarder. Hoewel ik de film Dream Result wel erg mooi vond, ik heb hem ook gezien een jaar geleden in De Paap. Die film is trouwens op DVD te koop maar dat wist je waarschijnlijk al, of je hebt hem al. Misschien een leuk idee om op de vereniging te bekijken?

  2. Ik was er vorig jaar ook in de Paap, grappig. We hebben een beamer op de vereniging, dus een keer op de club kijken kan zeker. Goed idee!

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