Trying to cartwheel in the swimmingpool

Every tuesday evening I’m trying to cartwheel and do some other moves in the swimmingpool that is hired by the Kayak Surfing Team in Katwijk (KBT) for the winter season. Somehow this cartwheeling thing is not that easy to get the hang of 😉

Every time I get some good advice from Raoul Collenteur, a freestyler in the national team from the Netherlands and coach of the juniors, so that’s great. Thanks Raoul. Some sessions it gets better, but most are just endlessly trying and trying.

A video of a session in december shows what is needed : practice, practice and more … yes practice!

My first carthweel from Arend-Jan Tetteroo on Vimeo.

This video is also a first try at editing and filming, that might need some practice too…

And some photos as well:
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