Storm surfing or a training in kayak walking

Yesterday and today it was a bit stormy in the Netherlands. With temperatures of 10 degrees celsius and projected waves of about 3 meters this could be a good day to surf some waves in our kayaks. A bit anxious if those 3 meters would be fun or would result in a serious beatdown, we decided too just go for it and see what would happen. Unfortunately the wind was much too strong to even stay on the same spot, let alone getting through the breakers was a lot of work.

We started to walk to the most south part of Katwijk, a serious walk with a kayak against the force of the wind. After putting in and maybe getting three of four surfs, we were in no time at the north end of Katwijk. After getting some rest, we took the boats and walked back again for a second run.

Having another good surf run with some good moves, it took a mere 15 minutes to be at the North end of Katwijk again. Seriously tired we decided to call it a day and go back tomorrow. Not wanting to walk back again with the kayaks we drove the car around to pick up the stuff.

Tips for the next time :

  • Keep your hands onto your paddle, because it will just fly away and even running might not catch it (happened 3 times today)
  • If you have two cars, shuttle them, so you can focus on the surfing instead of walking (We had only one car today, otherwise we would have propably put the car 10-15km more north, in Noordwijk or even Zandvoort)
  • Spending some time on how to walk with your kayak, so you can walk serious distances, is handy on these kind of days and a good workout for your whole body.
  • Mitts to keep warm hands are great, I love my LevelSix mitts (Thanx Raoul for the suggestion to get these)
  • A good photographer to shoot some great shots of how crazy you are is great, thanks Vico.

Tomorrow looks better with less wind and almost the same wave heights, so we’ll go again for sure.

A nice photoset shot by Vico Timmermans is available on my gallery page or on flickr, thanks for the nice shots!