New website launched for Kayak Surfers (KBT)

Besides the safety day last weekend, which I will report on soon in another post, and the ocean being totally flat I used the Sunday to create a new website for the local kayak surfing club KBT (Kano Branding Team “Katwijk”).

Their old site was just some bunch of html pages but not updated since the middle of 2009, so most information was rather stale. Hoping to get some more active members into the surf this year, a site with good and actual information is a necessity and not a luxury. Besides nice for interested people, it would be really cool to share video and photos from the many surf sessions the club members do. With a simple WordPress setup it is possible for any club member to contribute instead of only the webmaster putting stuff up when he has time or gets some content from others.

kbt-websiteAfter some hassle with an old hosting platform I decided to just trick it with a framing solution. Hopefully in the near future a normal solution can be used. After that I decided to code a simple convertor for the old forum posts about when to meet up, so they could be integrated in the Mingle Forum plugin for WordPress. Not really necessary but a nice touch to get the members used to using the forum also on the WordPress setup. The main benefit of the new setup is easy integration with feed readers, an event calender, possibilities for integration with facebook and twitter and hopefully more active contributions to the site. We’ll see how that works out 🙂

Anyway, the site looks a bit like this one right now, I’m looking for some nice kayak surfing photos to change the banner and maybe create a nice background image. Check it out at, especially if you’re interested in kayak surfing.