“Nieuwjaarsduik” – New Years Dive

In Holland it is a custom on new years day to take a dive into the northsea. This is called the “Nieuwjaarsduik” and several thousands of people do this around noon on new years day. According to a large news site in the Netherlands, 27000 people took a dive today. Photos of this event can be found here.

Off course if you are a kayakker, you take your kayak with you and instead of just running into the sea and out again, you surf some waves and have way more fun 🙂 Joined by around 30 others from multiple surf spots around the dutch coast, we gathered in Hoek van Holland at Vloed Kanosport. After a really long walk from the parking lot and a gear change we were ready to go.

After a photoshoot at the start, we put in  and paddled some really nice waves. Because of the seaterrain in Hoek van Holland, the waves are a bit different compared to Katwijk, my normal surf spot. A lot of waves only start at some 75 metres before the coast, but then go up to sometimes around 2 metres and rolling all the way to the shore. In Katwijk there are multiple sandbanks on which most waves stop instead of rolling to the shore.

Suffice to say that those 2 metre high waves are really nice if you catch them and surf all the way to the shore. The only downside is the large number of waves you have to cross to get back out before catching a new wave.

Happy new years everybody, hopefully the rest of the year will be even better!

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