Snow + Kayaks = FUN

It’s snowing here in the Netherlands, and not just some small stuff, but last night a big 20 centimeters fell from the sky. The temperature is below zero as well, which is cool if you want to do Holland’s national winter sport, aka skating, but not if you want to kayak outside.

Since the sea had no waves today, our car was snowed in, and we had no desire to get it out, we decided that we would use the snow around our house to sled around in our kayaks and break some ice to at least dip our paddles in the water today. This led to some interesting observations:

  1. A rescue rope of 20 meters is way too long for towing, so we wrapped it 5 times.
  2. Using your kayak as a sled works really well by the way.
  3. Breaking the ice and kayakking in ice not so much. Can’t imagine why eskimo’s would use a kayak for transportation in these conditions.
  4. A hill would be nice.
  5. A small kayak so you need to take your shoes off is not recommended
  6. Both a Jackson Fun and Pyranha Inazone sledge well, need to try them on a hill next time.

Enjoy the photo’s.

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