Seals, snow, ice and waves

At the moment it is snowing again and as the photos of my last post show, most water is frozen solid around here. Fortunately the sea doesn’t freeze as easily and is currently 6 degrees Celsius. Cold but better than frozen water and warmer than the air temperature which is around zero today, so better get some good gear on before we go.

Because we hadn’t paddled for some weeks and the waves were at a nice 1.0m level for some easy surfing, we decided we would conquer the cold and snow and catch some waves today. After changing at home into our gear with many many layers of fleece and neoprene, we were picked up by another kayak friend and taken to the sea. Changing at home is really nice, so you have some warm clothes and can start almost immediately instead of putting your gear on outside with zero degrees.

As there was no ice on the sea, we didn't see this one, but it gives a good impression

As there was no ice on the sea, we didn’t see this one, but it gives a good impression

Unfortunately we left our camera at home, we could have shot some nice photos today. A nice sunny morning the four of us picked some nice waves to surf and hoped our hands would keep up with our paddling. After half an hour a seal appeared and a little later a second seal showed up. It is amazing to see those animals at the sea, interested in what you are doing. I have seen them a couple of times now, but it stays an amazing sight.


They look awfull, but if you want warm hands and don’t have neoprene gloves available, they work wonders!

After some more good waves it was time to let the hands and feet warm up again to normal body temperatures. I used some awful looking yellow cleaning gloves around some fleece gloves, as I don’t have any neoprene gloves, mitts or pogies yet. Those cleaning gloves work rather well, only the tip of my fingers got a bit cold, for the rest they were fine for the first hour. So if you want to get out in the cold and don’t have neoprene, use some cleaning gloves.

Tomorrow I propably will go again and I’ll take my camera to make some nice photos.

A good way to spend our first christmas day, and merry christmas to all. Get outside if you can!